Thursday 14 June 2018

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire and the Silent March takes place. These images convey a great deal. Credits clockwise from the green hearts. Chetna Kapacee, Commons, Karimah Bint Dawoud, Ras Asheber, Bunny Bread, Commons, Justice 4 Grenfell

Today my Radio Show is Grenfell                                                                     focussed. Blessings and strength                                                                        Scroll down full page

The Iftar IS taking place,

The Outerglobe goes out every Thursday on ResonanceFm - 104.4fm and DAB Londonwide and worldwide. Today the 14th of the month - June 14th 2018 - is a Thursday and this time it is the year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire - massacre which killed at least 72 (official figure) people at the time and since. So I am doing another of the Grenfell focussed programmes. See my Radio Page for full details. Thank you to all those who are involved. Lottie Love will be doing social media. 

Please join one of the Silent Marches/Walks or other vigils, gatherings and more that are happening up and down the country today. The London details are here and the wider details are here on Justice 4 Grenfell pages. There is also a National Justice for Grenfell march on Saturday June 16th - and you can find full details on the Justice 4 Grenfell link by checking the side panel of the link above. 

Sisters of Reggae go from strength to strength heading up for this month's 4th and 5th events where we play : June 23rd at Dogstar Brixton and June 30th at our monthly residency at the Queens Head, Brixton. More details in the next UP!!D8 

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