Tuesday 16 July 2019


SO a swift UP!!D8 as we race on through the summer - currently in glorious sunshine here in London.


Here is the  link to  the latest edition of The Outerglobe where I  interviewed NYC based global activist and musician Drea Pizziconi about her music, aims and CAMFED - Campaign for Female Education -  and why girls. I  promised you  details as  to how to  get hold of Drea Pizziconi's superb single 'Let Us Dance' and give links to the CAMFED site as well. You are in luck! Here is Drea's website and here is the iTunes link for now   You can also find it on other  platforms via  Drea's site. AND the link for CAMFED is here  Donating is  simple and the site very self explanatory and transparent. 


Camfed is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1993 whose mission is to eradicate poverty in Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women. Camfed programs operate in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi

This week's edition on Thursday July 18th (6.30pm UK time on Resonance 104.4FM / DAB London & resonancefm.com

This week in The Outerglobe my guest is Hanitra 'one of Madagasgar's finest musical icons' just after her return visit to Tuned in London talking about 'Lasa', her album dedicated to women and her musical life. 

After a tour de force visit to the wonderful Oland Roots Festival in Sweden we continue to be busy:
July 20th Dogstar,  Brixton; July 24th Upstairs at the Ritzy, Brixton with Outerglobe  Female DJ Relay (I am doing this one); July 26th Pop Brixton; July 27th Ziggy's Rooftop Bar, Margate AND London Bridge outdoors; August 3rd Reggae Roast, Brixton; Ziggy's Rooftop Bar AND Cinque Ports, Margate (and these); August 4th Ziggy's Rooftop Bar,Margate; August 10th Pop Brixton (with me); August 24th Ziggy's Rooftop Bar, Margate .... More to come!



Tuesday 2 July 2019


UP!!!D8  And about time again too! Tho of course you can find a lot of runnings on FACEBOOK as well

In this UP!!D8:

Malick Education Fund Gambia, RADIO  - The Outerglobe, DJWISE - Sisters of Reggae,  Ella the Great and Ella the Greats Mini Circus, AND Taxi Pata Pata ... UP!!


I am currently putting forward a funding request for donations to help my friend MALICK JAGNE complete his degree course in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of the Gambia . He had to abandon his studies as the fees became impossible to reach because the owner of the taxi he was driving took it off him as he did not believe that Malick was declaring his earnings fully - which was emphatically not the case.I met Malick when he was a driver for the Mboka Festival (in 2018) and found him to be a very thoughtful and solid person. "I love this course = the feelings of interactions, the motion to help as well as to establish coexistence and a lasting peace in the community, society, the country and the globe as well" he said. Here is the link to the fundraiser  



Check out the most recent edition of THE OUTERGLOBE on #ResonanceFM which featured the three radioateers - Frank, Ella (aka Ella the Great) and me - previewing  WOMAD 2019 with a look back to #Womad 2018 as well. What are we looking forward to? Listen back here  and I am gradually UP!!D8ing playlists in the radio page on this site.

Coming UP!! in next  few weeks:  

Thursday July 4th it's MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC with a great catch UP!! of music I have been sent; THURSDAY JULY 11th I hope to do a feature on the UP!Coming Marcus Garvey Park Art Commission in LBHF; JULY 18th I have Hanitra from Madagascar, fresh from her Tuned in London date, as my guest talking about her great music and why she focuses on Madagascan women's issues in her songs; JULY 25th - the last of the current series - is again mostly MUSIC. Tune in to Resonance  104.4FM and DAB Londonwide and www.resonancefm.com worldwide on Thursdays at 6.30pm UK time [Repeat Tuesdays at 8am] and find the series on MIXCLOUD and also take note of the focused Outerglobe Mixcloud too. UP!!




Sisters of  Reggae continue to go from strength to strength with several bookings in the same weekend in some instances, lucky we are 5 DJ selectors strong - with our MC MAD X as well

UP!!COMINGWe are going to the Ă–land Roots Festival in Sweden! It runs from JULY 10th-13th and we are playing twice on the 12th. See here for full details. You can select translate .... 

JULY 20th We return to the DOGSTAR, BRIXTON in a  late session that  goes through til 4am and is FREE

JULY 24th it's SISTERS OF REGGAE WITH THE OUTERGLOBE FEMALE DJ RELAY Upstairs at the Ritzy 7pm-Midnight FREE.  There are still a couple of slots for the Relay - message us on the Sisters of Reggae FACEBOOK page to take part. No experience as a DJ necessary -  we help you big time - just a fabulous vinyl Reggae collection and a good idea how to string em together for up to 30 minutes.

JULY 26th   We're at our Residency at POP BRIXTON  7pm-11.45pm FREE

JULY 27th - We're at our Summer Residency at ZIGGY'S ROOFTOP BAR in MARGATE (and back there on AUGUST 3rd AND 4th and again on AUGUST 24th!)  

AND ALSO on 27th 2 of us are playing just near LONDON BRIDGE

All details also on the FACEBOOK PAGE  and you can also book Sisters of Reggae through the messages there. 



Look on Ella the Great's FACEBOOK PAGE for swift UP!!D8s for Richard Melanin the Third's dates. Meantime as per below there is a new character in the ring joining Baboushka and Richard, namely ARTHUR ALECUP who is a key component of Glimmer Theatre's touring CABAREILIDH which is taking Surrey towns by storm. The GT were commissioned to research the folk history of Surrey and bring it into the Cabareildh performances for the summer with a great string of dates  - see poster - and very splendid it is too! 

Look out for UP!!Coming D8s for Ella the Greats Mini Circus as well - one date to save is SUNDAY JULY 21st for the HF UNITY DAY in RAVENSCOURT PARK!! UP!!


TAXI PATA PATA will also be part of the HF UNITY DAY playing a set of their fabulous music!