Tuesday 27 March 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story; Women in politics now - issues of representation

Tune in to Resonance FM for an incisive - and entertaining discussion on the representation of women on 
Wednesday 28 March at 18.30  UK time
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'Every Picture Tells A Story: Women and Politics Now'
Debbie Golt is joined today by Ella Phillips from October Gallery Education and Louisa Martin, Chloe Cooper and hopefully also Phoebe Davies of DARTER for a round table encounter arising from Saturday's symposium at The October Gallery bearing the same title as this show. They are still buzzing from the energy and vibe of the 'day'...

Currently exhibiting at The October Gallery (until March 31st)  is Palestinian artist Laila Shawa from Gaza whose 'The Other Side of Paradise' includes four striking female torso mannequins which are adorned in ways that appear to sexualise them with strategically placed gems, lace designs, feathers - and decorated suicide bomber devices. This installation - 'Disposable Bodies' - was the starting point for the symposium where several forthright contributors shared their responses.

The overarching questions raised were about representation of women and how far have we come by 2012? Is there still a need for Women's History Month? What does it mean to be an artist aware of these matters? Are responses governed by age, gender, sexuality? DARTER animated the event to encourage bold responses.

The October Gallery, renowned for its globally diverse programming and its involvement through the Education Department in schools' Global Citizen curriculum also wanted to see if the day's format is a viable tool for eliciting opinion and making an impact on prevailing opinions.

DARTER is a collective of the three artists taking part in today's show
- who make art in response to particular social contexts. With a predominantly live or performative approach, DARTER's work aims to playfully interrupt established social codes and conventions that shape or frame how we perceive an event, interaction or architectural space. Working with and responding to specific contexts and audiences, DARTER appropriates and subverts behavioural norms, documentary media and the tools of academia in order to explore how meaning is constructed collectively.

Debbie Golt aka DJ Debbie is an adventurous broadcaster/programme maker who likes to take on radio challenges. For more information on this show see www.outerglobe.co.uk . The October Gallery is at www.octobergallery.co.uk and DARTER are www.darter.co

Wednesday 7 March 2012

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