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I am PASSIONATE ABOUT RADIO - I grew up with it not having TV at home til I was 12 and I almost always listen in preference to watching. Creating it and broadcasting is such a pleasure and I also train people in radio skills - with Community Champions and freelance. I produce and present all my shows mostly live. I do editing and production on request and create jingles, stings and more.

LATEST UP!!!D8: The Outerglobe is back again - it resumed on Resonance 104.4fm / DAB London & on November 2nd 2017 and is set for a good long run again. Broadcast day is THURSDAYS 6.30-7.30pm UK time with a new repeat time of SATURDAYS at 3.30pm. Shows are archived in and in  

"Debbie Golt takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point ....."

December 21st 2017 - the last edition of The Outerglobe this year - back on Thursday January 11th 2018

This was a mix of music old and new and a (prerecorded) phoner with Robert Maseko successfully aired at last. Robert is from DRC and a tour de force with his own distinguished career from very young and his clear focus developing African music presence in Teeside. He runs Radio Afric-Aye and organises events, venues and workshops. He is a patron of Musicport and has new music out. 

See the Promised Details from The Outerglobe tab as well.  

December 14th - My guest Zara McFarlane has a Mobo Award and is an alumni of Tomorrow's Warriors, Guildhall School of Music and more. Her breathtaking, heartstopping 3rd album on Brownswood Recordings is so beautiful and receiving rightful praise. This was also PRSF Women Make Music Award funded. We talked about Zara's inspirations and how she approaches her music and her career and why she decided to delve into her Caribbean heritage at this point. 

December 7th  -Music awards and Marvellous Music - My guests Germa Adan and Miryam Solomon have both benefited from prestigious and very useful music making bursaries/Awards  - Germa Adan researched and expressed her Haitian Heritage and music experience of USA and UK with an EFDSS Bursary and we listened to her Kembe Fem album; Miryam received a PRSF Women Make Music Award (which we began discussing last year and now look at its fruition) and she produced Magnolia EP which we played music from 

November 30th - Grenfell Tower - the truth and what next

Guests: Toyin Agbetu and Angie from Grenfell Media Watch, Artist Rita Ruggeri, Activist - Westway 23 and One Voice Committee musician Niles Hailstones (Ras Asheber), Supporter Chetna Kapacee - we talk through the issues and share truths. 

November 23rd Guest Alexia Clorinda    - art historian, photographer, researcher - discusses her deep research into the Haitian Revolution and the intrinsic contribution of voudoun and music to  past and present revolutionary activity. See front page for playlist and links.

November 16th Primarily music. The phoner with Robert Maseko had to be abandoned. Very fine music list. Playlist coming.

November 9th An intense chat with composer/musician/artist in residence Juwon Ogungbe about his extensive career and big changes in his approach seeing him centre stage afresh in his own right prioritising himself rather than always enhancing others' careers or projects tho this is still a part. 

November 2nd  First show back after 2 months with music music music.


THE OUTERGLOBE IS BACK FOR A FULL SERIES ON THE WONDERFUL  RESONANCE 104.4FM / WWW.RESONANCEFM.COM  & DAB in London From OCTOBER 2016 - JULY 29th 2017  -with more series in view - on THURSDAYS 6.30-7.30pm UK time.  BRIMFUL OF NEW MUSIC, ARTIST AND APARATCHNIK INTERVIEWS, WHATS ONS AND INSIGHTFUL INFORMED CHAT . Repeats Mondays at 2pm and archived in Mixcloud for Resonance and Outerglobe

  OH MY ... I have got very behind here!!!! 

Starting for THIS WEEK - I am catching you up!  Archive shows can be found as above ... I even love listening back!

THURSDAY JUNE 8th 2017 as well as being the General Election Day in UK - PLEASE VOTE AND VOTE WISELY - I have my weekly show     .... I am catching up on music as the previous week was almost all (great) talk and I will have a phoner with an African family organisation

 TODAY!! Thursday 2nd March - the start of what is traditionally now a whole month celebrating International Women's Day (which is of course March 8th)  N' Deye is my guest - discussing ways to create music that is true to her Guinean roots with a wide appeal. She does this really well in her current single Afrolicious . New music from Tamikrest, Ibibio Sound Machine  and Anoushka Lucas who guest in The Outerglobe later this month

 THURSDAY 23rd February Jally Kebba Susso on the phone sharing his great life philosophy and talking about his brilliant new album 'Banjul London' - really excellent taking UK/Gambia/Griot music to new heights; Focus Atta joined me in the studio to talk up his #Crowdfunding for the Focus Africa Festival planned for June - see this link to see how you can help - a couple of weeks to go. HURRY!

THURSDAY  16th - RESONANCE 104.4FM FUNdraiser - this week was the mega fundraising auction and special shows which happens every year. Helen McDonald and Paul Brett from Yaaba Funk and their own bands Future Groove and Little Number respectively joined me in the studio to talk up their latest projects and their ethos and select some great tracks as well as big up the FUNDRAISING. Lottie Love joined me as well to highlight auction items. The main fundraiser is done however the fundraising site still has details about how you can help Resonance 104.4FM on an ongoing or one off basis year round.


 THURSDAY 9th  - 


 THURSDAY 2nd February - music music music all the way

  THURSDAY 26th JANUARY  JUWON OGUNGBE guests to talk about and play his new single LOVE and share his exciting plans. We'll get out the grand piano! Short interview with Aurelio ahead of his UK album launch at Rich Mix on February 1st  

THURSDAY 19th  Debbie is joined by Adwoa   of FORWARD, the leading organisation challenging and education people about FGM with an interview with fabulous Cameroonian musician Dobet Gnahore who is a Forward Goodwill Ambassador; Maurice One Jah looks by ahead of his Earthday Knees Up at Richmix on 27th

THURSDAY 12th Debbie wasn't well and so a repeat was played of the magnificent show from December 15th.

THURSDAY 5th January 2017 the start of the new season! The Outerglobe is booked in right up til July 27th. UP!!! This one was music music music!

  Past show details are gradually being added. 



WYCOMBE WORLD SERIES 1 ON WYCOMBE SOUND Monday September 19th 2016 - Monday 30th January2017. Archived in I was part of this team with Lucy and Shah. and locally on 106.6FM & WycombeSound app

See the Facebook details for more on Wycombe World



I am leaving my exuberant show announcements for The Outerglobe series one as they are from when I posted. There are a couple of other recent Resonance FM Clear Spot shows info to add - come back soon!


Resonance 104.4FM  Clearspot The Outerglobe goes to Passing Clouds - with  Gudrun Getz and Maurice One Jah about Passing Clouds and their campaign to save the venue #PassingCloudsForever     The situation changed dramatically when the landlord got bailiffs to occupy the premises without any notice following an adverse eviction decision. Passing Clouds are going to the High Court of Appeal and are organising a Day of Action - March and event on September 17th . update soon. UP!!D8: Passing Clouds were formally evicted from their building in the Autumn, however they went on to get the building declared an Asset of Community Value which prohibits change of purpose and allows purchase by Passing Clouds. The landlord gave up attempts to make it into offices and wanted to make it into a club however the late license is held by ....PC so that was not viable and finally they came to the table to discuss purchase by PC. This is the most up to date news I have. People's persistence - People's Power! UP!!

 Resonance 104.4FM Clearspot on THURSDAY 16th June 2016 The Outerglobe goes to Campfire Convention 

 - all about the new initiative founded by Pete Lawrence he of Big Chill and Cooking Vinyl credentials amongst others. Here's the description from the front page of this website : 

"The Outerglobe goes to Campfire Convention"  Campfire Convention- where sparks ignite- is a vibrant new member-led positive ideas space with a growing online-community and a weekend event (12-14/08) with discussions & music in idyllic settings. Debbie Golt meets founder Pete Lawrence, activist workshop-leader Caroline Kerr and internet-wizard Ian Cuthbert. For more information please visit Campfire Convention and Outerglobe (where you are now!). [Repeated Friday 9am.]

  I'll put the show up on my mixcloud ASAP after broadcast in due course!


 It's all here - all the details from THE OUTERGLOBE season one September 2015 - April 2016. Check it out!   Announcements below as they were at the time - why not!! UP!!

AHA I HAVE A NEW RADIO SHOW ON RESONANCE 104.4FM/DAB LONDON AND ONLINE RESONANCEFM.COM It resumes on MONDAY 4th JANUARY and goes out every MONDAYat 5-6pm UK Time!  Repeats Fridays 2am  AND the following week after each show there is a further repeat at 3pm on Resonance Extra on DAB in Brighton and beyond and RESONANCE EXTRA


Do please send me your new music and your African oriented arts news! UP!! Email me when you have a minute!

Shows will be accessible via the Resonance FM mixcloud and via the Outerglobe Mixcloud 


Monday 25th April: Music Music Music - another chance for me as well as last week to catch you up with some of the amazing music I get sent alongside some favourites too. This is the last of the current series. The Outerglobe is taking a break til later in the year - certainly coming back with a boom - watch this space! 


Monday 18th April: As I had been off for a couple of weeks with a lurgy (so ably covered by Chetna Kapacee) I decided to simply play music music music without any interviews and it was a delight although I really absolutely enjoy interviewing as well! 


Monday 11th April: Wonderful Chetna Kapacee stepped up again to cover for me and present The Outerglobe in her own way with Outerglobe guest Jak Beula of Nubian Jak and the African Caribbean Memorial for those who gave their lives in the 1914-18 and '39-'45 wars.  

Monday 4th April: Chetna Kapacee makes her brilliant debut covering for me as I was ill with a lingering lurgy. She did so well and I am so grateful. The Outerglobe guest on this show is Eliane Correa, a terrifically talented and amazing artist who recently released her En El Aire album and she talked about and selected tracks from the album and those that inspired her. 

Monday 21st March: EmpresS *1 (الامبراطورة الاولي) , Egypt's first female-rapper, performs live and talks about tours including Brazil and Egypt, London-vibes and her pleas for peace and justice; Prerecord interview:  London-based Somali band Dur Dur International, including Fadumina Howlile, with Kinsi Abdulleh of Numbi-Arts who outlines their Funk_A project

Monday 14th March: studio interview with DJ Ade and Junie Ranking of Nzinga Sounds the women's sound rocking roots since the 80s with a very eclectic mix share signature tunes and discuss Rockers, Soulheads & Lovers interactive exhibition opening 21/03 at 108 Gallery Brixton which for once takes account of women and sound systems; Fab African Sounds too.


Monday 7th March: Miryam Solomon talks about how she successfully tackled the PRS for Music Women Make Music award and her plans, sharing some lovely music; Part 2 of interview/tour of Red Africa with Ekow Eshun Artistic-Director Calvert 22 & Mark Nash Curator of linked 'Things Fall Apart' exhibition

Monday 29th February: Feature on Red Africa at Claremont 22 which takes a fascinating look at Soviet Union/bloc relationships with emerging African nations after the 39-45 war with a far reaching exhibition 'Things Fall Apart' and related events. Interview with Artistic Director Ekow Eshon and Curator Mark Nash with special guest Martha Yankey assisting; Session with Soft Wax (who amongst other things coordinates Deptford Dub Club) on decks + Jas on Reeds of Duppy Sister Sound band! Plus a short tribute to Bionic Rhona the marvellous woman DJ, MC (one of the very few female DJs to get recognition) and wisdom holder who died on 24th February


Monday 22nd February: Renowned flautist/composer Rowland Sutherland outlines the intriguing SDNA project with young Hackney dwellers, involving himself & vibesplayer/composer Orphy Robinson, exploring  globally-inspired sonic possibilities which goes public on 29/2; Demola shares the secrets of @Sqwzl an open-hearted arts p/review site with a difference


Monday 15th February: This show was within the Fundraising Focus so we share ebay opportunities and fun ways to donate! Frank Chamberlain from Brighton p/reviews WOMAD from a young person's perspective; RAV HiFi on the wire - Chetna and Michael give a studio demo of how they'll play out at Deptford Dub Club with tracks and live music. Laptop and flute with double bass added on the night!


Monday 8th February: Previews and reviews of some outstanding African-oriented art exhibitions in London including El Anatsui at October Gallery, Calvert 22's Res Africa season in assocaition with the Africa Centre and the Power of One Woman: Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye and I think there was a guest - got to check back!


Monday 1st February: One of those where it's pure music tracks - I actually prerecorded this one as I was invited to Leeds University School of Music for their Women in Music 2016 day of panels this day so I was there and on the radio at the same time!


Monday   25th January: None other than the redoubtable and renowned Ray Carless telling us about his career from early days including Jazz Warriors and being the go to saxophonist for so many world touring artists coming to Britain as well as his Club Skaaville interventions with events and support for so many other artists


Monday 18th January: Part 2 of West Africa Word Symbol Sound interview; 


Monday 11th January: Part 1 of interview on the move at the West Africa Word Symbol Sound exhibition with co- curators Marion Wallace (Head of African Collections) and Janet Topp Fargion (Head of Sound Arhive) - looking at awesome content and discussing curatorial matters; Maurice I JAH MO - ahead of his great Earthday celebration gig at Passing Clouds, London E8 - played from his new album and discussed the impact of the Biafran war on little ones.

Monday 4th January 2016: A great start to the new season with a phoner with Frances Feeny who is spearheading The Ogoni film which shows the sheer devastation of the oil drilling residues which have been plaguing the Delta area of Nigeria for 40 years and more; And Alexander D Great previewing his new album Rum Shop Chronicals Vol3 After The Windrush - a splendid collection of right on point calypsos alongside manager Isis Amlak

Outerglobe resumes after the break on Monday 4th January  - same time 5-6pm UK time. First UP! guests are award winning calypsonian and educator ALEXANDER D GREAT and manager aparatchnik person Isis Amlak to talk about the forthcoming new album and launch (which is on January 14th at The Tabernacle, London W11) with live and album tracks as well as more marvellous music selected by host Debbie Golt. 


Monday 14th December: Catch up with Aaron Ableman still in Paris after the Climate Summit continuing last week's theme of green and conscious Hip Hop + music  galore

Monday 7th December Guests : Ian KMT Freedom Teacher and Zara from May Project Gardens and BRIES in the studio and MC Benny Acholi Muding from Uganda's North Uganda Hip Hop Culture talk green and educational hip hop

Monday 30th November is MUSIC MUSIC AND MORE MUSIC - no studio guests just Debbie in DJ Debbie mode with some super sounds!

Monday 23rd November :  guest Nadine Woodley of Hype media productions talking about FORTY ELEPHANTS the immensely popular and topical drama she created with her friend and colleague Danni Moseley which looks at young women and girls and the pressures they have to be in gangs - and alternative ways forward - in a comedic style. The Forty Elephants were a women's gang which roamed London from the 17th - 19th Century ... and more more music 

Monday 16th November - guest Ben Vergase of Chimurenga Library and CDR - with a special vinyl guest mix of finest tunes! Ben discusses the Chimurenga Library and its impact following the month long residency at The Showroom London NW8. We update on what Jumbo Vanrennen formerly of Mango Records is doing back home in Cape Town and find out about a brilliant new book on worldwide music

Monday 9th November Da Sweetnezz (Jennifer Sobola) joined The Outerglobe to talk about her forthcoming release Da Future is House and highlights in her career. Debbie first met Jen at the Black History Month event in Parliament organised by Tony Tokumba Fernandez last year and was struck by her assured presence. Online research and a further encounter at this year's event where Jen sang convinced Debbie to invite her to Resonance FM. Important to support young musicians and share their progress. More marvellous music too

 Monday 2nd November (repeat Friday 6th) my guests : Anne Wanjie (Studio) talking about Film Africa and other African Film Festivals around UK with recommendations and reviews. Anne and I copresented/produced African Essence for many years so it is a pleasure to welcome her back for this: And Filmmaker Andy Jones (phoner) whose 'I shot Bi Kudude' is in the festival and celebrates the life of Bi Kidude the amazing singer/composer, perhaps Zanzibar's best known resident who died recently aged possibly 100

Monday 26th October: mainly marvellous music with a quick phoner with Anne Wanjie to preview the African Film Festivals coming up in London, Edinburgh & Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff

Monday 19th October: Danielle Smith and Sara McGuinness (also Grupo Lokito) of Sandblast who support the Sahararwi people of Western Sahara through the arts especially music talk about their studio and music industry programmes and their Africa's Last Colony: 40 years of Occupation festival; Ruth Daniel and Ines Soria-Donlan of In Place of War talk about their extensive networks involving musicians and creatives in 17 countries affected by war and conflict working mainly in music and their 2016 series in partnership with the Guardian at Kings Place. 

Monday 5th October: In response to the firebombing of Smockey's studio in Burkino Faso a phoner with Ade Bantu - leader of Bantu and filmmaker who hosts Afropolitan Vibes in Lagos on the 3rd Thursday of the month and is a spokesperson for Artswatch Africa Ambassadors who are drawn from across Africa from countries where free speech is problematic. He talks about the recent coup in Burkina Faso and the firebombing of the Abazon studio and how the Ambassadors fight for and protect freedom of expression and much more.

Monday 12th October: Dele Sosimi (phoner) musical director of the Felebration and composer/leader of his fabulous band discusses Fela Kuti's legacy and his enduring popularity and his own new music and more; Issie Barratt and Shirley Thompson who are both Women in Music UK members and also on BASCA boards and were to take part in the BASCA panel with commissioned pieces in the concert as part of the Equator Women of the World Festival - discuss their brilliant careers and issues still facing female composers

Monday 28th September: the guests are writer.and journalist Lloyd Bradley  (Bass Culture, Sounds Like London - 100 years of Black Music in the Capital) talking about the Sounds Like London Film Festival (3rd/4th October, London) which is unique on drawing together such a variety of films and discussion.

On Monday 21st September my guests: Namvula who is of mixed Zambian and Scottish heritage which is reflected in her music and is making great waves with her debut album Shiwezwa with major reviews and a UK wide tour starting on Friday 25th September through Making Tracks with information on her website . I wanted to find out more about how a newcomer has made such an impact so fast! AND Joyce Moholoalgae who is a fantastic singer and composer who is classically trained through study in Durban and London (Royal College of Music who is also very focused on her career ahead of her London African Music Festival appearance. This week's show was also to celebrate Maya as 21st September marks the second year of her passing. 

Monday 14th September: Biyi Adepegba Director/co-founder of the longstanding London  African Music Festival and Joyful Noise previews the Festival with some fabulous music and highlights; Phoner with the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson about their magnificent effort as the first city to offer a warm welcome to refugees gathered in Calais and their fundraiser for the Red Cross 

Monday 7th September: The FIRST ONE! Music all the way and a setting of the scene for The Outerglobe!



Currently I am uploading archive shows and interviews  and also some new stuff to my Outerglobe  Mixcloud and sometimes add stuff  in Soundcloud too. My produced/presented shows include African Essence and DJ Debbie meets as well as material for Women's Radio Group where I coordinated the Ealing Women in the community series.. Currently I have a new initiative called Community Matters in development with and Women's Radio Group. We have done a few pilot shows and they are archived on   The programmes discuss community arts and concerns with guests at the heart of the matter and locally and globally sourced music. More about this in the Autumn - no broadcasts at present.

With Women's Radio Group I am tutoring for Community Champions in West London training both staff and trainees in radio skills currently.  Outcomes include creating an audio/podcast newsletter and contributing to Community Matters and other broadcasts.

I am asked to make mixes for others shows from time to time and I LOVE doing that! Do ask me! I'll put some mixes on my mixcloud page soon ... I am also in demand as a global beats DJ and I am a resident DJ with Open the Gate.

I also produce audio messages to advertise gigs with music and spoken word info and I produce interviews and other audio content for website

Contact me at info (at) outerglobe ,  to see about me producing audio for you ...

African Essence - some of the best radio on the airwaves ran its natural course. I'm gradually archiving on my mixcloud, Many thanks to Resonance FM 104.4FM Londonwide worldwide for hosting us  Playlists are on the African Essence site,. Resonance have a constant appeal on to keep going so do go have a look and see how you can help there.

African Essence was also on SOAS RADIO (formerly Open Air) and some excellent shows can still be heard on the site. Many thanks also to Open Air (SOAS) for the airtime!

African Essence playlist archive is found here   African Essence delighted in presenting trademark incisive informative and entertaining interviews with the movers and shakers on the African arts and cultural scene here in London and throughout the Diaspora featuring well known people as well as unsung community pioneers. DJ Debbie (Golt) and Anne Wanjie selected African music of all eras, styles and flavas - bubbling up artists and household names, seeped in tradition or burning the remix lasers, classics and growers alike. The only criteria: great music to share. I will be putting more audio up on my own Outerglobe Mixcloud as time goes on.

With an especial emphasis on the music and wider arts of London, African Essence's remit went worldwide. It is a body of work I am very proud of - alongside Anne Wanjie co producer/presenter.