Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Coming UP!! in The Outerglobe in April

 Coming UP!! in The Outerglobe in April

I have been making my radio shows from home for more than a year now as I started the first week of lockdown when the Resonance FM studios closed - we have new premises now and I am looking forward to the day when we can broadcast live again. I enjoy creating my shows however it is somewhat exhausting as well. I do interviews over Zoom - the revelation, certainly for me of lockdown. 

Debbie Golt takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point. This week: Debbie interviews Grammy-awarded producer/writer/activist Ian Brennan and outstanding documentary-filmmaker/photographer/activist Marilena Umuhoza Delli about their new album, Witch Camp (Ghana) – I’ve Forgotten Now Who I Used to Be. In keeping with their profile the album enables the voiceless to be heard, raising serious issues beautifully. Visit for more information. Tweet to @outerglobe. [Repeated Monday 4am.]

This week I was delighted and honoured to talk with Grammy- awarded producer/writer/activist Ian Brennan and outstanding documentary-filmmaker/photographer/activist Marilena Umuhoza Delli about their new album Witch Camp (Ghana) I've Forgotten Now Who I Used To Be on Six Degrees. Like their previous collaborations this gives a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard and highlights major issues. Women accused of witchcraft live in camps which are a mix of refuge and danger all because they may have mental health issues, be disabled, or in some cases have land that others covet that they are unable to defend as widows.  Other people the pair have worked with and recorded include inmates of Zomba Prison , Malawi's top security unit, Tanzanaian Albanism Collective - albinos banished to an island community in Tanzania where again they are safe but ostracised, Malawi Mouse Boys gospel group coming out of extreme poverty , Khmer Rouge survivors and the marvellous Ustad Saami from Pakistan the last of his kind singing Sufi music, 

I interviewed Tony Koni (Bowering) and Vijay Venkat  of Rafiki Jazz the day before the launch of their wonderful new album NDUGGU DUST which is a tour de force recorded remotely yet together in lockdown using app Jamulus. It's a beautiful fusion and unique sound with all the voices of the origins of band members shining through.  Here's the Mixcloud Link

Friday, 19 March 2021


STILL OPEN - THE RAR CALL OUT FROM RAR-RAP (Rock Against Racism Research 'n' Archive Project) DE LA WARR PAVILION

RAR-RAP (Rock Against Racism Research ‘n’ Archive Project) and the De La Warr Pavilion are making a call-out as part of the Rock Against Racism: Militant Entertainment 1976-82 exhibition opening at the Pavilion in the Autumn 2021.

"We are looking to gather personal stories that may not already have been told from all over the world and particularly from people who live locally to the Pavilion. These will become part of  a living archive and will be included in forthcoming radio shows programmed in parallel to the exhibition, and may also be included within the exhibition. " Follow the link above  wich asks for audio reminiscences/testimonies with details as to what to do and where to send your recording!



IN this edition Debbie shares her Zoom interview with Fely Tchaco from Tchaco’s album launch on International Women's Day. With new music from Dobet Gnahore, Blk Jks, Joy Joseph, Piers Faccini, Juwon Ogungbe and Daughters of the Desert - who formed after meeting on air at Resonance FM. 

2)  OUTERGLOBE ABROAD MARCH 11th - this goes out lunar monthly ie every 4 weeks on Threads Radio between 10am-Noon UK time and thence to mixcloud   

This edition is a special for IWD International Women's Day/Month with the first hour being all women's music with a feature on MC MAD-X


Sunday, 14 March 2021


CHECK OUT MY International Women's Day mix for
Resonance 104.4fm
/DAB Londonwide by following this
link: Playlist is going UP!! on the mixcloud or I can send it by request. Loved recording a straight UP!! set playing my vibrant vintage vinyl. 
You can find my Threads Radio shows mixclouds most easily on

JOIN IN and share your Rock Against Racism reminiscences - a chance to send in your audio testimony of the time - follow this link: and respond to
Rock Against Racism (RAR–RAP) Research ’n' Archive Project
The De La Warr Pavilion
call out in connection with the RAR Militant Entertainment 1976-82 exhibition hosted by DLWP who commissioned RAR-RAP to share their archives and more. 

SAVE THE DATE and SIGN UP for the Zoom panel on MONDAY MARCH 15th at 7pm on Women and Pirate Radio via
Greenwich Maritime Museum
- I am chairing a discussion with Q&A opportunities with former pirates
Angie Darani
Carmella Obinyan Follow this LINK to JOIN
THURSDAY MARCH 18th in THE OUTERGLOBE on RESONANCE FM - LISTEN to my INTERVIEW with JUWON OGUNGBE ahead of his EP Launch of GLISTEN AND LEARN - great new music from this master composer/music. 104.4FM/DAB London [Repeat Monday 4am] and the same sequence each week for the show.
And read this image for all the lowdown for Juwon's launch event - or see

NOTE THE PARTY IS NOW ON MARCH 27th - not sure if I am playing then or not - may clash with something - however can still help if you would like the ZOOM LINK to join the PARTY Let me

[Previous element here MARCH 20th for ROOTS 'N' PERMACULTURE let me know! I am playing alongside Rootsman Rak and Lo selectaR amongst others. ]
More in next major UP!!D8 UP!!


Saturday, 6 February 2021

RESONANCE FM FUNDRAISER - Outerglobe Resonance FM Female DJ Fundraiser - FEB 6th and Feb 13th


 PART 2 Outerglobe Resonance FM Female Dejay Relay | Facebook

ON FEB 13th 3-11pm UK TIME  

 It's that time of year again when Resonance FM has its mega fundraiser to keep the station going, update & maintain equipment, make things hunky dory in new studios .... You know the score! What better way to help reach the £20,000 target than to enjoy fab sounds and donate as you listen - and watch - a host of fantastic female DJs joining in the Outerglobe Resonance FM Female DJ Fundraiser on !

DONATE AT Every £ helps and Facebook pay the processing costs so 100% goes to Resonance FM! Thank you!
12 DJs and a singer are stepping forward - some with shows on Resonance FM, some with no direct connection other than big hearts and being members of the Friends of Resonance FM page on Facebook where the call to play went out
Feb 13th's  event is mega with 8 DJS playing a very wide range of brilliant beats running from 3pm right through to 11pm UK time! The session starts with Aquila, then Jude, Elena Kulstof, Psibindi, Aghata Saan, DJ Mayeva, Debbie Golt (Outerglobe) and Anna Smee.
Music Flavas this time - Supremely Eclectic Vinyl Treats, Retro Euro - Asian - African Gems, Melodic Techno/Progressive House, Chill Out/World, Dub/Dub Techno/Dub Step, World/Dance/African/Latin, African and Reggae Vinyl, Drum 'n Bass Serious thing!
It's Free to join however we do encourage donations - that's what it's about - and great music.
On Feb 6th the fare was DJ Su-Ki (Sue Allanson), Andrea Robertson, Lux (Giana Lux) and Lucky Cat (Zoe Baxter) on the decks in turn and a special guest singing set from Helen McDonald .
Music Flavas: Global Dance; Ghetto Techno; NeoSoul/RnB/Jazz; Reggae/Doo-Wop; AfroSoul 

Thursday, 2 July 2020


JULY 2020 UP!!D8:

A lot to share!
1) RADIO   The Outerglobe on Resonance FM goes from strength to strength. I am enjoying producing my shows from home to send in every week for broadcast on Thursdays at 6.30pm UK time [Repeat Mondays 4am] on 104.4FM/DAB London  . This week's is a unique encounter between creatives and long term friends Pitika Ntuli world renowned scultpr/sangoma/poet/professor, Eugene Skeef international musician/percussionist/sculptor, and Juwon Ogungbe internationalcomposer/musician/opera singer/educator - all friends of mine too. We celebrate and unpack Pitika's virtual exhibition of 45 deeply significant bone sculptures "Azibuyele Emasiswele - Return to Source" at The Melrose Gallery, Capetown 

AND on Thursdays also from THURSDAY JULY 30th  10am-12noon UK time I have a new show on Threads Radio! News soon! UP!

2) DJ Zooming 

FRIDAY JULY 10th  I am part of the fabulous Stokey Friday Club on our customary 2nd Friday of the Month night - this time virtual of course on Zoom  - Contact me info (@) outerglobe .co .uk for zoom ID and password

AND ON MIXCLOUD  - when the time is right ... All next week from Tuesday and my slot is 7-8pm UK time on SATURDAY July 11th 


Saturday, 25 April 2020

UP!!D8 AT LAST Lockdown April 2020 Virtual Festival + RADIO + More

So! ABOUT TIME FOR AN UP!!D8 . Been SO BUSY I nearly forgot! So! In this UP!!D8 there is Virtual Festival news, Radio news, Cabaret news and much more!


This weekend there's the awesome #omandbass #festival = #welllbeing talks & workshops, fun & #creativity, kidszone + lots of #music & I'm djaying vinyl from 9.00pm UK time follow link for your FREE place & 50% off extras Registration essential for password

I am really looking forward to this. I am grateful to Sisters of Reggae for the hook UP!! I will be playing a feisty Vinyl set with Reggae and African sounds to the fore. The whole festival looks to be marvellous with  a host of wellbeing events from breath meditation to gong healing to organic skin care and  DJS galore including me and Shumba Youth and wonderful music from Ayanna Witter Johnson . What a treat. It is crucial to register as entry to each slot is by password. 


My shows on Resonance FM are very much in action still. I am producing them from home to send in so they can be broadcast as usual on THURSDAYS at 6.30pm UK time repeat new time of Mondays at 4am (great for across the globe!) . Same wonderful starting point of African music and wider arts and culture. Logon at worldwide and Resonance 104.4fm / DAB Londonwide for live and repeat shows and find the archives at and also I repost some along with other great things at
I have put playlists with the mixcloud and also on my outerglobe facebook page   More details in the radio section on this site! 


ELLA THE GREAT has some fabulous stuff going on .. check her facebook page and also look at Richard Melanin III . For her clowning and children's entertainment look at the Ella the greats mini circus page as well. WHAT FUN

Basically I am keeping a very positive frame of mind RAISE THE VIBRATION GROW IN THIS SITUATION! is my motto. I also use the Hawaian Ho'opono pono pono - I'm sorry please forgive me I love you Thank You as a settling mantra and honour to myself and the universe. It really does help            


Tuesday, 5 November 2019

It really is Autumn now - More great runnings

UP!!D8s for the Autumn into Winter 

I seem to be being a DJ as much as anything these days! And got radio very much on my radar still as well. I am currently doing a lot of editing to bring the myriad of interviews that I did in the Gambia in January up to listening quality to do them justice and also to share with the interviewees. I am going there shortly and want to represent well. I have also been invited to take part in a wonderful event organised by WAPPY on November 30th at Ealing Library from 1.30pm

Ella the Great is so much in demand on the Cabaret Circuit it's so exciting ... great things in store in some of the finest lineUP!!s With her King - Richard Melanin the Third and the wonderful Baboushka

Richard Melanin The Third is an all-mighty king and gentle Clown, tip-toeing from the circus ring into drag king territory.. no two encounters are the same. With Quick wit and lasting charm.

November 8th at Set Dalston and see the Ella the Great on facebook and Richard Melanin III 

The Mboka Festival Showcase in Brighton was a treat with such fine contributions from everybody - Ella and myself included. I will come back to this UP!!D8 soon to fully UP!!D8 .

The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4FM & DAB London and goes from strength to strength. Here is this week's line UP!!  Check the radio page for all the lowdown

AND SISTERS OF REGGAE are full tilt too

Nov 13th - Outerglobe Female DJ Relay and Sisters of Reggae Sets Upstairs at the Ritzy - info here

Nov 15th - Sisters of Reggae Residency at Pop Brixton see here

Nov 23rd the Big One "Happy Birthday Marcia Griffiths" at Peckham Levels withTeshay Makeda guesting.  Info Here