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I have a long and successful track record of working with many artists - musicians and groups. I have decided to focus more on my own stuff now and  have reigned in my music management, advice and consultancy activities and am only working with some selected artists on an adhoc consultancy basis.

SO for reference here is a roll call in addition to those currently on my site. 

Juwon Ogungbe - the most distinguished and interesting internationally respected composer/singer/educationalist/thinker whose music delights from art music, classical, African, life force music. See www.juwonogungbe.com  We have a long friendship going back over 30 years and work together as projects permit. Notably Arts Council England Year of the Artist 2000; Album launch and promotion of Life Force Music 2012; Progress Ceremony 2013/14  No doubt when the time comes we will happily work together again. 

Mosi Conde - the most brilliant master musician griot carrying the mantle of 100s of years of Guinean heritage. Mory Kante, Sekouba Diamond Fingers Dabate and Sona Diabate founder of Les Amazones du Guinee are his close relatives. A master of every instrument he touches - Kora, Bolon, Guitar, Balafon, Djembe, Ngoni ... to name but a few and a fine lyricist/composer/singer. His debut Album Kaira Kora Afrika garnered great reviews and airplay; sessions on BBCR3, Resonance, SOAS Radio; Collaborations with Africa Express, PRSF New Music Biennale; Major Festivals.  I helped Mosi reach higher heights and he is working on a new album and I wish him every success www.facebook.com/mosiconde

Yaaba Funk - the most dynamic Afrobeat/Brokenbeats/Highlife/backtothefuture band  fronted by Richmond Chief Commander Kessie and Helen Macdonald with two acclaimed albums to their name Afrobeast and My Vote Deh Count - the latter livicated to Maya. Vibrant vocals, storming horns, demon rhythm section - high energy all the way. Festivals like Africa Oye, Sauti sa Basara, Shambala, WOMAD, BBC and Resonance FM sessions galore. I worked to promote Afrobeast in 2011/12 and to steer them through their very successful Decibel showcase and developments  www.yaabafunk.com

Terryazoome - the wonderful brainchild of Terry Hunt - fusing Greek, African, Jazz, Folk with deep imagination and flair ... great line up and fabulous compositions and performances. I worked with Terry in 2013 to promote her debut album with Terryazoome, Xana, tho she already had a long career from Jam Today (70s) onwards . New album Wasa Mata is lovely. www.terryazoome.com 

Weird MC - Nigeria's first lady of  RAP - a formidable artist with a huge profile  in Nigeria where she is now permanently based. I steered her through Decibel and WOMEX showcases and international festivals in the early 2000s, including having tracks licenced to prestigious compilations.

Asif Gillani / Asif Ali - Fusing Naked Beats, Now  with Conscious Assassins , Asif continues to change the landscape of electronic sound perspective. I worked with Asif early 2000s to help him find focus and shape his new sounds away from a more specifically Asian Underground Bhangra meets Hip Hop starting point. And at Decibel also. Debut album Digital Asia was no 1 on Radio One's DJ Nihal's top 10 in 2012  https://soundcloud.com/fusingnakedbeats No less than 40 FNB tracks have been playlisted on BBCR1 and 1Extra. Find Fusing Naked Beats & Conscious Assassins page when you go on Facebook. 

MoMo - Music of Moroccan Origin - the original Moroccan Techno guys fusing Chaabi, Berber Beats, House and electronics . The Birth of Dar on Apartment 22 which I got signed, took them to Modal, WOMEX and all around the world. And Steve Hillage created a killer mix with Digital Garab a stand out original track. They coined DAR as a music . I worked with MoMo from late 90s to early 2000s. The band members decided to go different ways.

I started Outerglobe in 1997

Outernational Vibes show on the very first Internet Radio Station (ever) Gaialive from 1999 

A bit of background as well - to be developed ....

My Company HALF THE SKY (in partnership with Alexa Dalby) led the scene between 1990-1993 as we made waves for women in African music and wider global beats. We gave OUMOU SANGARE her first UK dates in 1991 - firstly with Cold Cut's Jon More as DJ at T&C 2 (Garage) and then at Clapham Grand. We toured Stella Chiweshe, Ami Koita, Las Stupendams; Premiered Mah Damba; Presented International Women's Eve and partnered Women in Music with Women CAN Rock Worldwide; were founder co-creators and broadcasters on Brazen FM the first women's Radio in London; AND we created, edited, wrote for, commissioned writing for, published and distributed the influential and still revered TOPICAL magazine which had features, interviews, reviews,listings and more on all that was happening in African. Latin and Caribbean music and arts in London those years as well. UP!!

Just a slice  of some of the musicians I have guided to great successes 

This section will have its own page soon .....

Add in Chair Women in Music several rounds and currently. 

Co-Curator City Showcase global beats festival

Panellist: In the City, Radio One Sound City, Umbrella, Modal, WOMEX, SOAS Women in Music Symposium, Lewisham Music Academy, Women in Music Leeds School of Music, Museum of Migration,  ...

Set up and ran the Women's Day at the Umbrella Expo Conference 1992 

Guest Lecturer -  Birkbeck, City University, City Lit, Richmond Community College ...

Began DJaying in 1978 as part of what I was doing with Rock Against Racism where I organised band events and helped youth Sound Systems get on their feet with a series of sound clashes. I wrote for Rock Against Racism's fanzine Temporary Hoarding 

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