Tuesday 5 November 2019

It really is Autumn now - More great runnings

UP!!D8s for the Autumn into Winter 

I seem to be being a DJ as much as anything these days! And got radio very much on my radar still as well. I am currently doing a lot of editing to bring the myriad of interviews that I did in the Gambia in January up to listening quality to do them justice and also to share with the interviewees. I am going there shortly and want to represent well. I have also been invited to take part in a wonderful event organised by WAPPY on November 30th at Ealing Library from 1.30pm

Ella the Great is so much in demand on the Cabaret Circuit it's so exciting ... great things in store in some of the finest lineUP!!s With her King - Richard Melanin the Third and the wonderful Baboushka

Richard Melanin The Third is an all-mighty king and gentle Clown, tip-toeing from the circus ring into drag king territory.. no two encounters are the same. With Quick wit and lasting charm.

November 8th at Set Dalston and see the Ella the Great on facebook and Richard Melanin III 

The Mboka Festival Showcase in Brighton was a treat with such fine contributions from everybody - Ella and myself included. I will come back to this UP!!D8 soon to fully UP!!D8 .

The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4FM & DAB London and resonancefm.com goes from strength to strength. Here is this week's line UP!!  Check the radio page for all the lowdown

AND SISTERS OF REGGAE are full tilt too

Nov 13th - Outerglobe Female DJ Relay and Sisters of Reggae Sets Upstairs at the Ritzy - info here

Nov 15th - Sisters of Reggae Residency at Pop Brixton see here

Nov 23rd the Big One "Happy Birthday Marcia Griffiths" at Peckham Levels withTeshay Makeda guesting.  Info Here