Thursday 21 June 2018


Greetings for the MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE and into late June

Radio on June 21st -  music music music - playlist soon - What better way to celebrate the MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE than with the finest music - The Outerglobe on Resonance FM 104.4fm and Digital Radio London wide and and to listen to the show on mixcloud go here 


SATURDAY JUNE 23rd - make your way to the DOGSTAR , COLDHARBOUR LANE, BRIXTON, SW9 8LQ between 11pm-3am for SISTERS OF REGGAE in LATE NIGHT SESSION - IT'S FREE TO GET IN HOWEVER YOU MUST BRING PHOTO ID WITH YOU! Venue Rules - you know the score ... ENJOY 100% Vinyl Reggae Rocksteady Roots Revival Lovers ... more 100% NICENESS

I am djaying at this one - looking forward! 


Thursday 14 June 2018

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire and the Silent March takes place. These images convey a great deal. Credits clockwise from the green hearts. Chetna Kapacee, Commons, Karimah Bint Dawoud, Ras Asheber, Bunny Bread, Commons, Justice 4 Grenfell

Today my Radio Show is Grenfell                                                                     focussed. Blessings and strength                                                                        Scroll down full page

The Iftar IS taking place,

The Outerglobe goes out every Thursday on ResonanceFm - 104.4fm and DAB Londonwide and worldwide. Today the 14th of the month - June 14th 2018 - is a Thursday and this time it is the year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire - massacre which killed at least 72 (official figure) people at the time and since. So I am doing another of the Grenfell focussed programmes. See my Radio Page for full details. Thank you to all those who are involved. Lottie Love will be doing social media. 

Please join one of the Silent Marches/Walks or other vigils, gatherings and more that are happening up and down the country today. The London details are here and the wider details are here on Justice 4 Grenfell pages. There is also a National Justice for Grenfell march on Saturday June 16th - and you can find full details on the Justice 4 Grenfell link by checking the side panel of the link above. 

Sisters of Reggae go from strength to strength heading up for this month's 4th and 5th events where we play : June 23rd at Dogstar Brixton and June 30th at our monthly residency at the Queens Head, Brixton. More details in the next UP!!D8 

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Thursday 7 June 2018

Ella Golt and Debbie Golt are both exhibiting at Uthink therefore Uart at the Riverside Building , Manbre Road by the river front in Hammersmith. Uthink support pop up building space opportunities for creatives and are a wonderful new partner of HF Arts Fest which takes place throughout Hammersmith and Fulham every year = this time 2nd-10th June. See HF Arts Fest   

There is so much going on! Outerglobe's Ella the Great is also taking part with the Big Red Bus at various locations and as part of the HF Unity Day on June 10th. And so are Taxi Pata Pata also on the Unity Day. Ella is also part of the Joy initiative which has a wide ranging programme of Disabilty Arts presentations. Just check out the Arts Fest Website HF Arts Fest

The Outerglobe on Resonance FM has a dynamic schedule in June : June 7th it's all about Mboka with Kadija George (Sesay) and Anni Domingo joining Debbie to review Mboka 2918 and preview Mboka 2019 and related music; June 14th marks the year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire with a range of pertinent interviews and a phone in from the Silent March; June 21st is music music music and June 28th has a look at the forthcoming Great Trading Empires of Africa and tbc a preview of Kasai Masai's new album ,,,,, UP!!D8 on radio page coming up …  Resonance 104.4FM and DAB Londonwide and

Sisters of Reggae go from strength to strength having presented their first - brilliant - all dayer at Five Miles Tottenham and with a full on programme into June - June 9th Preston Carnival, June 10th  - Afternoon Prince of Peckham residency, Evening Rootikal's Rototom launch at Brixton Jamm , June 23rd Dogstar, June 30th Queens Head residency. … Radio mixes are being prepared as well - more news in the next UP!D8     Outerglobe's Debbie Golt is playing at the Dogstar night alongside Naoko the Rock and guest Rasta Queen who recently won the Lovers Rock Vinyl Clash Cup!