Thursday 18 October 2018

New edition of The Outerglobe, Whitby Music Festival & Sisters of Reggae for starters

A quick UP!!D8 in this post

Today in The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm / DAB Londonwide and worldwide : 

What's in The Outerglobe today between 6.30-7.30pm UK time on Resonance FM Resonance 104.4fm you ask? Well! It's a packed show - all being well! I am calling Sara McGuinness in the heart of the Saharwi Desert refugee camps to talk to her and a musician involved in a new project; I am talking to outspoken on point comedian Daliso Chaponda Page and welcoming Khadijatou Doyneh back this time to talk about an intense theatre training experience she is raising funds for. And playing some ace tunes as well! Do send me your new African/inspired music and arts news for possible inclusion in future shows! Repeat Tuesdays at 8am and on Mixcloud and - selected items. 

THIS WEEKEND It's the Marvellous MUSICPORT FESTIVAL with a luminous line UP!! Go and look at their page and if you can make a snap decision (and are not already going) I think you can still get some tickets. I am looking forward to DJaying there again 

Here's the festival LINK


SISTERS OF REGGAE - WITH THE OUTERGLOBE FEMALE DJ RELAY ARE IN BRIXTON ANEW ON WEDNESDAY 24th - UPSTAIRS AT THE RITZY  7pm-midnight FREE      Just along from the station turn left and walk up to the square SW2 1JG  Event Page

More UP!!D8s soon - just quick flash to keep you UP!! to D8 for now :)