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This page gives some further info for events and links mentioned on The Outerglobe radio show and others that I do from time to time on Resonance 104.4FM / DAB London  I am now putting playlist info up on the main Radio page but am leaving this up as a useful reference source as well 

Information mentioned in some past editions of The Outerglobe. This page backs up some shows from 2017. Now I am putting the details show by show on the main Radio page on this website so this is your lot here - do scroll down. 

The Outerglobe on Thursday December 21st 2017

Mixcloud for The Outerglobe on  Resonance listen again.    Outerglobe Mixcloud

This edition is here  

Interview guest - Robert Maseko and here is how you can access his current activities: 

Radio Afric-Aye can be accessed on the TUNE IN app on phones and is on facebook. 

Robert Maseko can be reached via

New single Mother Duck  - Band Nu Beats 

The Lean on Me single can be listened to online and the donation point for Refugee Action is at

 Here is the press release 



In the first-ever collaboration of its kind refugees and professional musicians have joined forces to perform an uplifting new version of the Bill Withers classic Lean On Me for the festive season. 

The singers – the One Heart Refugee Choir & Friends - would love to go head to head with the favourites for the top pop slot this Christmas – Ed Sheeran & Beyonce, George Michael and X-Factor winners Rak-Su. Talented musicians including Mike Lindup from Level 42, and Kari Bannerman from Osibisa and Ibibio Sound Machine have generously donated their time and their talents.

The musicians worked alongside a choir of original voices that evoke the gospel talent of Aretha Franklin, the joy of Miriam Makeba and the heart-piercing emotion of Billie Holiday. These singers have poured their heart and soul into this song, and remind us that wherever we are from and whatever our circumstances we are all connected.

The song has been recorded at a time when we are facing the worst global refugee crisis since World War Two. Less than one per cent of the world’s 22.5 million refugees make it to the UK to claim asylum. But those who do often encounter hostility, which compounds the trauma they experienced when they were persecuted in their home countries.

Despite the horrors including rape, torture and imprisonment that many of the choir members have been through, the song is an upbeat and joyful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Its message is one of solidarity and unity at a time of global conflict.

We hope the song will raise awareness and funds for refugees. Proceeds of the song will go to Refugee Action and donations can be made here.

Refugee Tamara McFarlane, one of the singers in the choir said: “Twenty-four of us – asylum seekers and refugees from more than a dozen different countries  – sang our hearts out, accompanied by the most fantastic professional musicians. Refugees’ and asylum seekers’ voices are rarely heard in this country. Usually we are hidden. We have all been through terrible things but our spirits are strong. We hope that the song’s message urging human beings to unite, is one that people across the UK can get behind.”

Professional singer Nina Miranda, of Smoke City, who gathered together the group of extraordinarily talented musicians to record the track, said: “The message of human solidarity, especially in times of adversity, has never been more important. Everyone had a wonderful day recording the song and it was a real pleasure to perform with the talented members of the One Heart Choir. We hope the song will raise awareness and funds for asylum seekers and refugees.”

“Lean on Me”  Open Heart Refugee Choir & Friends.


  • More than 65 million people have fled their homes as a result of war and conflict  - equivalent to the entire British population having to leave the country. 
  • We are facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War.
  • There are 22.5 million refugees. More than half of them are under 18.
  • 55% of the world’s refugees are from Syria (5.5 million), Afghanistan, (2.5 million) and south Sudan (1.4 million). Europe hosts just 15% of the world’s asylum seekers and refugees. Less than 1% of them come to the UK.
  • The top three refugee hosting countries are Turkey (2.9 million) Pakistan (1.4 million) Lebanon (1 million)
  • Germany has 18 times more asylum applications than the UK. In 2016 Europe averaged 2.4 asylum applications per thousand people, in the UK it was just 0.6 per thousand population.
  • Only 10,858 Syrians have claimed asylum here since the conflict began in 2011 – just 0.21% of Syria’s 4.8 million refugees.
  • In the year ending June 2017 asylum applications in the UK decreased by 25% to 27,316.
  • Many European countries work to close down safe and legal routes for people to seek sanctuary. As a result refugees have to risk their lives to get here.
  • Already this year 2,410 men, women and children have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean in flimsy boats not designed for this kind of journey.  
  • Refugees endure kidnap, rape, imprisonment and torture, not only in the countries they are fleeing from but also on their hazardous journeys.
  • Asylum seekers are a tiny proportion of new arrivals in the UK – last year 588,000 people arrived but just 27,316 were seeking refuge here.


One Heart Choir – 24 non-professional asylum seeker and refugee singers. 

Nina Miranda, arrangement, production and vocals, Jeffrey Darnell, lead vocals, Kari Bannerman, guitar & vocals, Mike Lindup, piano, Anselmo Netto, percussion, Aricia Mess, vocals, John Brice, creative director, Jonny Solway, engineer, Jack Hudson and Tris Ellis, assistant engineers, directed and filmed by Ross Domoney, Tariq Elmeri and Micha Otto, edited by Micha Otto. Enormous thanks to all the professional singers and musicians who gave their time for free and to Jasmin Lee who organised the day’s recording and donated space and technicians at Dean Street Studios.


Information below refers to earlier editions of The Outerglobe - this is an occasional page so look back here from time to time - especially if it is mentioned on air that there will be more info on this website. UP!!


CURRENTLY FEATURED ON /IN THE OUTERGLOBE:  2017 to access broadcasts
On my show The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm (London), and Resonance DAB (London)  I often say that more details can be found on this site so I am updating a few things: 

 Here is the website for Forward 
All the events mentioned on The Outerglobe by Adwoa Kwate-Klavitse are listed on the Forward UK website - Feb 8th Film, Feb 9th Research issues and Feb 23 Pan European Conference on FGM in schools.

In addition I told you about

Female DJ Relay at UPStairs at the Ritzy, Brixton on January Sunday 22nd  from 7-11pm Free with a collection for Bras not Bombs and Asingjay live

Mosi Conde with On the Corner at Peckham Rye just off Peckham High Street, London at 7pm on January 27th
Also on January 27th One Jah's Earthday Knees UP at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green .... Facebook link coming UP!!

 June highlights mentioned on air.   2016
This is where you can find info about Campfire Convention which is featured in The Outerglobe goes to Campfire Convention on Thursday 16th June 2016. Campfire Convention UK01 is from 12-14 August 2016 in idyllic surroundings in Wales.
And Koral Society, Caroline Trettine and Mosi Conde with me DJing are all at Upstairs at The Ritzy on Wednesday 22nd June, in Brixton, London SW2 JG

Current batch of events - March 2016  onwards:

Thursday 17th March From Shoreditch to Calais fundraiser with one helluva line up at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch.   £8 advance/£10 on the door  see  here for tickets and infoLots of great London acts and DJ sounds

Saturday 19th March Dulwich Folk Choir sing women's sea songs at Maritime Museum, Greenwich part of Women Making Waves  11.30am and 1.15pm

Saturday 19th March evening Da Lata at Nells Jazz and Blues, West Kensington

Sunday 20th March SoundMarks at 1-5pm  interactive and 7pm concert Contemporary Classical with antiphonal laptops at Hoxton Hall, London 

Monday 21st March 5-6pm UK time (and Monday 3rd April onwards) The Outerglobe on   104.4fm/DAB London
Monday 21st March  Femi Sofala and the InRhythms at The Vortex, London

Thursday 23rd March Mosi Conde ensemble at We Breathe Lunchtime concert at St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark  Free

Saturday 26th March Numbi Arts Funk-A with Dur Dur at E'Klektik, Waterloo

Saturday 26th March also London School of Afrobeat presented by Dele Sosimi at The Forge, Camden

Friday 1st April Kanda Bongo Man at Richmix, Shoreditch

Friday 1st April Simo LaGnawi with Mosi Conde at Passing Clouds, Dalston

Saturday 3rd April  Mosi Conde leads the Passing Clouds Jam

Wednesday 20th April Koral Society at The Vortex, London

Thursday 5th May Lucumi Choir launch Lullaby for Naima at Rich Mix, Shoreditch

Wednesday 21st May Oum with DJ U-Cef at Cargo, Shoreditch


The Calais Sessions:  Vanessa Lucas Smith

Aaron Ableman's links: and the 15 year old Earth Guardian director he mentioned is Xiuhtezcarl Martinez 

MC Benny Acholi Muding and  North Uganda Hip Hop Culture can be reached on and on facebook NHU Culture and through Benny's own page. The numbers to reach him on are on those sites as well. The Hip Hop Agribusiness , workshops and releases are all there too.

KMT, Zara and May Project Gardens are at   and their crowdfunding is at

BRIES is on


There were so many events to announce the week of 28/09/2015  that I  did a quick round up here - you see why with a fantastic Friday - one of the destination dates!
Friday 2nd October:
2pm Rich Mix LONDON   Mosaiques Festival discussion presented by Arts Canteen - the panel discussion explores Arabic music industry in the light of current changes
5.30pm LEICESTER Night of Festivals - a free City Centre Festival with artists reflecting the make up of the teams competing in the Rugby World Cup in Leicester this weekend. It's a two day Festival and a highlight on the Friday is the first band ERNA CHIMU who fly in from Namibia just for this performance (with excellent Namibian governmment support)  NAJMA AKHTAR is also on the Friday

6.00pm  Late at the Tate Britain - Power - art and music Amongst others on the night is Native Sun - positive vibes hip hop and sounds in their last gig before a break to record and welcome a Saira's very nearly due new baby

7.30pm Charlton Hall, Charlton  Global Fusion Music and Arts special event celebrating Botswana independence with Masego Woki and the Kalahari Band led by her husband bassist Aubrei Woki
8.00pm also at Rich Mix Pat Thomas - veteran and revered Ghanaian highlife fusion as part of the Afrikokoa  DJ collective 10th anniversary celebration night

Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th October
2-11pm, The Russett, Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT Dalston Sounds Like London Film Festival with all manner of films and panel discussions FREE

Saturday 3rd October
8.00pm Rich Mix - more of the Mosaiques Festival with a fabulous line up  Maia Barouh (France/Japan), Adnan Joubran (Palestine/France), Simona Abdallah (Palestine/Denmark) and DJ Nick Luscombe of BBC R3 Late Junction
There is so much else however these are events I promised I would mention this time ... Do send my your news and new music and you could be here! UP!

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