Tuesday 30 September 2014

OUTERGLOBE UP!!D8 Autumn 2014

Greetings - it's been a minute - lots gone on .... catching up to bring you right up to the minute ...

Currently I work primarily with 2 artists - they both happen to be men, tho I do hope to bring forward at least one magnificent woman artist in the next season true to my passion of supporting Women in Music - tho of course every artist I work with has to be the right one regardless of gender - and I am delighted with the brilliance and professionalism of my chosen Outerglobe crew! Namely Juwon Ogungbe and Mosi Conde!

Firstly Coming UP!!:

Mosi Conde supports the great Malian Mandinka powerhouse AMI KOITA as part of the LIFEM - London International Festival of Exploratory Music on Thursday October 30th at Kings Place, London - You can find out more and buy your tickets HERE

Juwon Ogungbe is creating a unique score for a pioneer African silent movie - SILIVA THE ZULU which goes on tour during the early part of November. I will update you with the tour details very soon and the first date is Saturday November 1st at the Watershed, Bristol . Find out more and get your tickets HERE

Mosi Conde in action recently playing Kora with the Golden Voice of Guinea SEKOUBA BAMBINO as part of the London Festival of African Music. He also played Balafon in a fantastic concert which left us all with smiles on our faces! A mixture of hearty favourites and bold and beautiful new songs including 'Love' and 'Accusation' - an indictment of why Ebola is prevalent in so many African countries were performed in such a wonderful way.  Mosi Conde played with true style and added some fine vibes showing what a master musician he is. In his own concert at St Thomas's Hospital lunchtime series recently he shared the deep meaning of his music prompting guitarist Kari (Alfred) Bannerman to say he is a master musician and philosopher....

Juwon Ogungbe also took part in the LAMF with a fabulous solo concert. He was interviewed recently by Alexander Mcclean about his particular and special music which crosses all known boundaries with African roots, Western Classical notations, Art music and funk with sheer musicality. Juwon has a clear view of how he wants his music to be and is very articulate developing it ... Listen to part of the interview on the Rockumentally site HERE

Juwon Ogungbe in action with Progress Ceremony which is now ready to tour ....

Find out more about these great musicians on their pages in this site ....


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