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Juwon Ogungbe and Mosi Conde are Outerglobe's main artists currently. Lately and coming up they have excelled and are excelling in brilliant events and projects. For more information on both of them and just how great they are see their pages in this website!

Juwon Ogungbe recently presented and performed his outstanding and very spiritual Progress Ceremony with some of London's finest musicians - Euston Liburd (Drums), Roger Allottey (Percussion), Greg Sanders (Guitar), Rotem Haguel (Bass) with stunning evocative visuals by Derek Nisbet of Talking Birds. it is a music driven theatrical narrative conveying a Yoruba social ritual for our times. Follow the links below to enjoy some of the elements from the performance at The Forge in Camden where the space, acoustics, sound and audience made an almost perfect night of it!

Progress Ceremony July 9th 2014 1   Progress Ceremony July 9th 2014 2    
Progress Ceremony July 9th 2014 3   Progress Ceremony July 9th 2014  4

We want to tour Progress Ceremony to Festivals and selected venues in the New Year - here is a promo clip which we will circulate. Where do you think would be good places to tour - email Outerglobe

Juwon Ogungbe is the commissioned composer and music director for two momentous BBC Radio 3 drama productions to celebrate Wole Soyinka - Nigeria's Nobel Laureate and distinguished incisive  playwright's 80th birthday. Death and the Kings Horseman went out on 13th July and is available til the 20th on BBC i-Player  and Document of Identity is to be broadcast on 20th July and will stay up a week after that. Links where you can listen - remember to listen :
Death and the Kings Horseman  Document of Identity  

More is in store so come back to this page when you have a moment again!

Mosi Conde (Kaira Kora Afrika) made a tremendous contribution recently  to the innovative jazz re:freshed collective's PR Foundation awarded New Music Bienalle commission with a 5 piece ensemble composed by Awasi Mensah to animate Bunny Bread's Film 'The Dynamics of Perception' at London's South Bank . The amazing production goes to Glasgow to the Commonwealth Games New Music Bienalle weekend on Saturday 2 August - full details .

Mosi Conde Kaira Kora Afrika solo and band filled Camden's Green Note with wonderful music and a capacity crowd in May .... so many instruments .... and so many musicians - here are some clips from that event - on fire! They are on a colleague's youtube and eventually will be on Mosi Conde's youtube also when some gliches are refined .... Have a look

Mosi Conde will be sharing a concert date at Kings Place, Kings Cross, London on 30 October with none other than Ami Koita - Mali's revered Djelli Mousso - griot. It is part of the LIFEM Festival. As well as the wonderful music in store, the beauty of this evening is the connections as Ami Koita always seeks out Mosi Conde's distinguished griot family when she goes to Guinea and Mosi's brother Petit Conde has produced music for Ami Koita. Petit Conde is respected as one of Africa's finest guitarists - the new Diamond Fingers sharing the title with their uncle Sekouba Diabate ...

See more here and book your tickets too: Ami Koita and Mosi Conde

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