Thursday 12 July 2018

July UP:D8s

Just a quick post this time .... 


A few more editions of The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm / DAB London and to go before Resonance FM has it's summer programming with special prerecords ...  Look at the Radio tab ... I have got the most recent playlists UP on the page now .... gradually updating earlier shows .... 

Thursdays 6.30pm and Repeat Tuesdays 6am with the Mixcloud as well (and selected shows and mixes on my own Outerglobe Mixcloud 


at Night People, Princess Street, Manchester - with a great array of Manchester musicians, bands and spoken word performers and .... ME DJAYING bringing the vibe of 40 years ago as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Northern Carnival Against Racism. I began djaying (in public beyond parties) in Manchester with RAR - Rock Against Racism at that time! See here

There is also a daytime event at Manchester Central Library to launch and exhibition and wider project marking the anniversary and going deeper. LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THAT IMMENSELY!

ELLA THE GREAT - as RICHARD MELANIN THE THIRD  at BRAINCHILD near Lewes on SATURDAY JULY 14th as well. (Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum Harveys Lane, BN8 5AF Lewes, East Sussex)

Enjoy a festival with a difference - see here   Richard Melanin the Third is a great character .... More about that in a future post as well. 

Sisters of Reggae

Sadly the Queen's Head is no more - it has been sold so we no longer have our monthly residency. We are going to talk to the new owners who are planning a Vegan eaterie .... who knows. Meantime the Prince of Peckham Second Sundays of the month afternoons still go strong and we have a full on weekend in Margate coming up at the beginning of August - watch this space and our facebook page as well!  

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