Friday 24 November 2017

November speeds along - some more crucial updates and tracks from The Outerglobe

I'm mainly focussing on Radio and DJaying at the moment, not doing  so much for musicians however recently I have had requests from a couple of people to resume some agency activity so I  may do. That's much simpler than band management for which I think I have done my splendid best  and will bow out of that. For DJaying go to the page link in the selection tabs above. UP!!

RADIO - today's show had some fabulous music  but we needed to talk over it quite a lot and I promised you a link to the tracks played during my discussion with Alexia Clorinda ( about her research into the links between voudoun and music in the Haitian Revolution of the 18th into 19th Century and ongoing up til now. The show is now up on and as you listen these are the tracks played:

Still I  Rise - Darker Strength - Gotta Scatta ; Sahra - Toutard;                 Feminine Vibe - Teshay Mackay; Kenbe Fem - Germa Adan                       

AND then here are the links for the Haitian tracks Alexia Clorinda selected which you can listen to without overchatting later:

“Voudou Cerimony”  Zing 

“Ke-m pa sote” (My heart doesn’t jump, I am not frightened)  Bookman Eksperyans  

“Lem pa we soley la Jean Michel Daudier

“Anbago” Ram 

You can also enjoy a couple of tracks we didn't get round to playing  

"Jounou revolte" - Bookman Eksperyans  

"Moyizde Zo" and "Latibonit" by Zikiki Yizr'el 


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