Monday 15 February 2016

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Just a brief post today to tell you that the FUNDRAISER SITE IS STILLACTIVE FOR A FEW MORE DAYS  - CHECK IT OUT!!  Although the special week was just til 21st February  the major fundraising focus still continues! on for Resonance 104.4FM (also on DAB in London and

The Outerglobe this week is linked with this with a big focus on what you can find on the fundraising site to bid for via ebay. Such amazing things! Take a look and be delighted at what you could win on the auction and support the best radio station in the world!  

The Outerglobe goes out live 5-6pm Mondays and is repeated on Fridays 2am and a week later on Resonance Extra on DAB in Brighton area and at 3pm All times are UK times 

 This week RAV HiFi and young journalist Frank Chamberlain are my guests. Thanks to Strut Records for a bumper pack as prizes and to Numbi Arts for tickets for their upcoming event this Saturdaym and to African Night Fever for tickets for their Brighton series as well as our own Ella The Great for a bespoke Unicycle lesson too 

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