Friday 5 August 2011

FRIDAY 5th @ 5pm UK time: Resonance FM: I'm ready for my close up : Why Cameras? Not Bread?

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FRIDAY 5th AUGUST 17th:  I'm Ready For My Close Up

"Why  Cameras? Not Bread?" was created by CUMCA in South Korea, Captured by Children in Zambia, Chosen by Children in UK and Produced and Presented by Theatre For All (  - SW London)

Children in a Zambian village were given cameras to show their lives through their own eyes - revealing that whilst they may not have many material goods their lives are not necessarily unhappy, giving a very refreshing new and joyous view of African day to day life.

Bona Shin and Tina Attoh of Theatre for All join Debbie Golt  to talk about how the children's pictures enabled dreams to be shared and the process of involving children here in selecting photos for a recent exhibition. And what next?! "

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