Monday 18 April 2011

Teymour Housego @ Green Note on FRIDAY 22nd: BUY TICKETS + Haunting Bazaar on Itunes and CD BABY

Teymour Housego is one of the UK's leading multicultural flute payers with the bamboo Bansuri as his main instrument. He reveals his new album HAUNTING BAZAAR created with French lyrical guitarist/vocalist Yves Mensil  alongsid Kumar Raghunathan: vocals and violin & Renu Hossain: percussion at the GREEN NOTE, 
106 PARKWAY, CAMDEN LONDON NW1 7AN THIS FRIDAY - 22nd APRIL and you can get tickets via The Green Note

A sublime collection of transcultural songs and vocally-infused instrumental pieces, some acoustic whilst others are laced with electronica, punctuated by Teymour's haunting bamboo flute playing and Yves Mesnil's unique style of lyrical guitar playing and mesmorising vocals.

Teymour Housego  HAUNTING BAZAAR  
Now out on Itunes and CD Baby :

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