Monday 28 March 2011

ZONG ZING : WOM@TT presents on SAT 9 APRIL @ THE TABERNACLE, Powis Sq, London W11 2AY

This is the flyer you'll be seeing around town (London) - encouraging you to come and join WOM@TT  at The Tabernacle on SATURDAY 9th APRIL to see ZONG ZING - arguably London's hottest - certainly most exuberant - dance band who really DO get full on audience animation going on! You try resisting when they call you to dance - and even show you the moves. Seriously tho - the band plays music right from the roots with superb style and skill. African music soaring high!                                                                                                                                                                                       Lead guitarist Fiston Lusumbo  learnt his craft alongside members of Staff Benda Billi as a very young dude and in UK was a mainstay instrumentalist of Nsimba Foggis's TAXI PATA PATA - indeed Zong Zing's best loved song is a cover of Taxi's 'MAKUMBA'.  Fiston and  Mick DJo & DJani the charismatic singer/animateurs have honed their craft with majors - including  Orchestra Virunga of Samba Mapangala, Ok Jazz of Franco Makiadi, Big Musica of Defao, Matimbila of Remi Ongala, Rumba ray de Maray of Papa Wemba and they even have a semi finalist of X factor!  This alongside  heavyweight stints with Taxi Pata Pata of Nsimba Foggis as well. They know how to delight the crowds with their CAVACHA music........                                                                        
                                                                                                                                                                     The Musical Style: Cavacha
‘Cavacha’ is a highly danceable music characterised by intricate guitar picking from three guitarists, soaring vocal harmonies and driving percussion. The music reaches a crescendo during the “Seben”, with the intricate guitar picking, irresistible rhythms and sublime vocal harmonies combine to create a barely suppressed euphoria: and is arguably one of the most infectiously danceable forms of music in the world!                                                                                                                                                      SO ..................        TICKETS are £5 in advance & concessions & £8 door                                                  Get your advance tickets from    
                                                                         we got tickets                                                                                       WOM@TT champions UK Based African, Caribbean & Latin musicians in fabulous venues with high production values and profile publicity. Audiences come back again and again as they know they'll have a great time amidst likeminded people "We look forward to these events" people say  SO Come and ENJOY ...     email to be on the mailing list  - and with your feedback 

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