Outerglobe (Outerglobe UK) is the umbrella for what I do in the arts/music/biz world - In a word: Putting the Cloud in Trousers (or a skirt) as Mayakovsky so coined the great phrase! So ideas can take shape and flourish with a great structure for fruition!  @outerglobe on Twitter and Outerglobe on Facebook and Mixcloud

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MUSIC global + women's - events management and programming, pr + marketing, artist management + profiling, PR, DJing    @outerglobe on Twitter and Instagram  Mixcloud is /outerglobe 

Global and Women's music, arts, in depth,community, production: pre/during/post, editing, interviews, features, presenting,training 
The Outerglobe on Resonance FM is BACK ONCE AGAIN on THURSDAYS at 18.30-19.30 UK time & Repeated Saturdays at 15.30, Archives are in mixcloud.com/outerglobe  and in mixcloud.com/resonance
Wycombe World on Wycombe Sound is currently resting and previous shows are archived in mixcloud 
Community Matters on Avenues Radio is currently also on hold with some great audio on mixcloud.com/Community_Matters

Previous shows include African Essence on Resonance FM & SOAS Radio; Selected archives of the SOAS Radio shows can be found online on the SOAS Radio site
DJ Debbie Meets all in www.mixcloud.com/outerglobe; Women's Radio Group; Outernational vibes on gaialive.com (late 90s/early2000s with gaialive)

WRITING - features, reviews, press, interviews, poetry, A couple of clips of me reading are online - I am looking for them to add here

MANAGEMENT Consultancy and Agency for selected artists: music/visual arts/spoken word/healers:
Outerglobe has successfully showcased artists at WOMEX, DECIBEL and MODAL and secured Record Deals for its artists; Outerglobe MD Debbie Golt is a popular and well respected panellist with stints at WOMEX, IN THE CITY, RADIO ONE SOUND CITY,  SOAS, GFMA, MODAL, AIM, UMBRELLA, LEWISHAM ACADEMY OF MUSIC and more to her name.  

I am easing out of giving so much time to musicians and other artists. I am prioritising supporting Ella the Great and do still advise Koral Society, Caroline Trettine, Nsimba Foggis and Taxi Pata Pata; From time to time I check in on Juwon Ogungbe; Previously I worked closely with - sometimes managing, sometimes touring, doing PR or simply being a sounding ground for artists including: Mosi Conde, Terryazoome, Yaaba Funk, Fusing Naked Beats, Weird MC, MoMo, Ami Koita, Stella Chiweshe, Oumou Sangare and more.

PR/ FUNDING ADVICE & SEARCH/ I have done extensive PR Promo campaigns, funding support work and career turning point advice for many of the artists above and for events and campaigns in the arts; 

Chair Women in Music UK www.womeninmusic.org.uk @WomeninMusicUK twitter; Board member Women's Radio Group which recently closed. 

CITY SHOWCASE ROOTS & FLUTES curator/pr/funding
WOM@TT - World of music @ The Tabernacle championing UK based ACL musicians - and making Best of British awards to UK African Carribean and Latin music artists;