Outerglobe (Outerglobe UK) is the umbrella for what I do in the arts/music/biz world - In a word: Putting the Cloud in Trousers (or a skirt) as Mayakovsky so coined the great phrase! So ideas can take shape and flourish with a great structure for fruition!  @outerglobe on Twitter and Outerglobe on Facebook and Mixcloud

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MUSIC global + women's - events management and programming, pr + marketing, artist management + profiling, PR, DJing    @outerglobe

Global and Women's music, arts, in depth,community, production: pre/during/post, editing, interviews, features, presenting,training 
The Outerglobe on Resonance FM is BACK ONCE AGAIN on THURSDAYS at 18.30-19.30 GMT & Repeated Mondays at 11.00, Archives are in mixcloud.com/outerglobe  and in mixcloud.com/resonance
I also have a seasonal show ( remaining shows of current season are on 16th, 23rd, 30 January 20.00-22.00 GMT) with new season coming up a little while later) on Wycombe Sound called Wycombe World - also archived in marvellous in mixcloud 
Community Matters on Avenues Radio is currently on hold with some great audio on mixcloud.com/Community_Matters

Previous shows include African Essence on Resonance FM & SOAS Radio; 
DJ Debbie Meets; Women's Radio Group; Outernational vibes on gaialive.com (late 90s/early2000s with gaialive)

WRITING - features, reviews, press, interviews, poetry, 

MANAGEMENT Consultancy and Agency for selected artists: music/visual arts/spoken word/healers,
Koral Society, Mosi Conde, Caroline Trettine, Juwon Ogungbe 


Chair Women in Music UK www.womeninmusic.org.uk @WomeninMusicUK twitter; Board member Women's Radio Group

On hold
CITY SHOWCASE ROOTS & FLUTES curator/pr/funding
WOM@TT - World of music @ The Tabernacle championing UK based ACL musicians - and making Best of British awards to UK African Carribean and Latin music artists; Currently restructuring

Outerglobe has successfully showcased artists at WOMEX, DECIBEL and MODAL and secured Record Deals for its artists; Outerglobe MD Debbie Golt is a popular and well respected panellist with stints at WOMEX, RADIO ONE SOUND CITY,  SOAS, GFMA, MODAL, AIM, UMBRELLA, LEWISHAM ACADEMY OF MUSIC and more to her name.