Friday, 2 November 2018

November sparks : Radio: Djaying: Ella the Great UPD8

November already .... soon it'll be the year turning. It's moving so fast I missed a whole week's update ... so let's see how we roll now. Be sure to scroll right to the bottom of this post!! News of The Outerglobe, Me Djaying, Sisters of Reggae and Ella the Great ... UP!!

RADIOWISE  I'm planning ahead with some great guests lined UP for The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4FM in London + DAB also and worldwide at 6.30pm UK time on Thursdays and repeated 8am on Tuesdays.  

Thursday November 8th it's Johnny Mooney coMD of No Wahala Sound who specialise in bringing forward vintage African sounds who have a new release coming out on all formats, including my favourite vinyl  'Hit after Hit' by Orch Shika Shika + Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún from Nigeria launching his 'Edwardsville by a Heart' poetry collection + maybe I will try the call with Atongo Nsimba again (ahead of his Green Note, London date on November 9th). 

Thursday November 15th  Plan A is Foufoula guesting with hopefully a report from 'Bass Culture 70/50 ' at Westminster University, Marylebone Road, London til November 22nd with lates on the Fridays and a pop up shop by Peckings. I may get to speak to Ashley Maher who is in Dakar recording her fabulous by all accounts from previews new album.

 Catching UP go to the Radio tab in this site for recent shows and playlists

DJWISE   Put November 10th and 17th in your diary as I am playing at Pitanga again on North End Road in Fulham 2-5pm in that wonderful eatery on 10th and then I am going to Hereford to play at the Wild Hare Club evening on Saturday November 17th!  Here's the poster! And ticket link

Sisters of Reggae are on a roll with not one, not two but three events on two evenings in Brixton next weekend - November 9th and 10th :

9th it's the Shabba Rum Reggae and Dancehall Party at the Prince of Wales at the start of Coldharbour Road and Sisters of Reggae are playing early on in proceedings. AND we are at the Prince Albert further along the same road from 10pm - 2am and that one is free and is also the one I am playing at!

10th it's a Brixton promotional weekend and we are playing outsite the brilliant Pure Vinyl record shop near the old Bon Marche building from 7pm for a while. 

AND ELLA THE GREAT has some important dates coming UP too ... Here's one for starters on Friday November 2nd in London with Properganda and on Wednesday November 7th with The Apothecary - look at the posters here for clues.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

New edition of The Outerglobe, Whitby Music Festival & Sisters of Reggae for starters

A quick UP!!D8 in this post

Today in The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm / DAB Londonwide and worldwide : 

What's in The Outerglobe today between 6.30-7.30pm UK time on Resonance FM Resonance 104.4fm you ask? Well! It's a packed show - all being well! I am calling Sara McGuinness in the heart of the Saharwi Desert refugee camps to talk to her and a musician involved in a new project; I am talking to outspoken on point comedian Daliso Chaponda Page and welcoming Khadijatou Doyneh back this time to talk about an intense theatre training experience she is raising funds for. And playing some ace tunes as well! Do send me your new African/inspired music and arts news for possible inclusion in future shows! Repeat Tuesdays at 8am and on Mixcloud and - selected items. 

THIS WEEKEND It's the Marvellous MUSICPORT FESTIVAL with a luminous line UP!! Go and look at their page and if you can make a snap decision (and are not already going) I think you can still get some tickets. I am looking forward to DJaying there again 

Here's the festival LINK


SISTERS OF REGGAE - WITH THE OUTERGLOBE FEMALE DJ RELAY ARE IN BRIXTON ANEW ON WEDNESDAY 24th - UPSTAIRS AT THE RITZY  7pm-midnight FREE      Just along from the station turn left and walk up to the square SW2 1JG  Event Page

More UP!!D8s soon - just quick flash to keep you UP!! to D8 for now :) 

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Turn of the seasons .... let the good times roll


New Season of The Outerglobe - Thursdays at 6.30-7.30pm UK time with new repeat time of Tuesdays at 8am (instead of 6am) and of course regularly on mixcloud at this link and see the Radio page in here for full details.         Resonance 104.4 DM & DAB London +

New Residency for Sisters of Reggae - on the Third Tuesday of the month at The Empire Bar, 220 Mare Street E8 1EJ with sets from Sisters of Reggae members (and occasional special guests) kicking off with the Outerglobe Female DJ Relay opportunity. 8pm-1am Free.

New exciting Sunday Sounds with Fulham's Finest - that's me and Ayo. It's at a great new West London restaurant called PITANGA at 220 North End Road, London W14 9NA which is becoming a fine cultural hub. On these Sundays I am DJaying ace African tunes, mostly strictly vinyl, and Ayo is jamming on Saxophone. We just did the first one and it was lovely! Plan is for every second Sunday … the next date will be confirmed shortly .. Fab food and drink and superb sounds!! 

New Bookings for Ella the Great with KOC, Apothecary, BOIZ Nite Out … Sometimes in her Baboushka persona sometimes as Richard Melanin the Third … UP!!D8s very soon - come back to the page in a couple of days! 


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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

More Summer Runnings - lots to look out for!

Lots happening for you to take note of and enjoy in the Outerglobe - scroll on!

Paint with the Sound of Drums presented by  Outerglobe artists Taxi Pata Pata Music and Arts is going well with some joyous encounters - drumming and painting. I am posting the flyer again below so you can see where to join in in West London: Sisters of Reggae have 2 Radio Mixes coming up this month: Debbie AND Ella Golt have pieces in Notting Hill Visual Arts' latest exhibition and Ella the Great goes from strength to strength. 


NOTTING HILL VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION - CARNIVAL: Movement, Sound, Colour  August 15th-31st at 181 Portobello Green, London W10 5TZ



1) NETIL RADIO SUNDAY AUGUST 19th in the Hackney Dub Club show between 12-2pm (TKO in 2nd Hour)     Debbie Golt and Lucky Cat represent! (and then on Mixcloud)

2) MonoLoco Mixtape - Sisters of Reggae Carnival Mix Takeover. Saturday/Sunday 25th/26th August from 00.00-02.00 on
Debbie, Sweetie and Naoko the Rock in the mix   (and then on mixcloud)

We post across all our shows onto our mixcloud  The latest one is a Hackney Dub Club Special on Netil Radio with Sweetie, Naoko and Miss Feelgood.

Watch this space for news of more live Sisters of Reggae runnings too!


Ella is part of the Paint with the Sound of Drums programme doing the Painting tutoring alongside Nsimba Foggis - Simba Music leading on the Drums. She is also taking part in some cabaret's and will be at the WONDERLAND GARDEN PARTY as Ella the Great's Mini Circus on  SEPTEMBER 14th 


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Friday, 3 August 2018

Summer is here! Scroll to see!


Thursday, 12 July 2018

July UP:D8s

Just a quick post this time .... 


A few more editions of The Outerglobe on Resonance 104.4fm / DAB London and to go before Resonance FM has it's summer programming with special prerecords ...  Look at the Radio tab ... I have got the most recent playlists UP on the page now .... gradually updating earlier shows .... 

Thursdays 6.30pm and Repeat Tuesdays 6am with the Mixcloud as well (and selected shows and mixes on my own Outerglobe Mixcloud 


at Night People, Princess Street, Manchester - with a great array of Manchester musicians, bands and spoken word performers and .... ME DJAYING bringing the vibe of 40 years ago as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Northern Carnival Against Racism. I began djaying (in public beyond parties) in Manchester with RAR - Rock Against Racism at that time! See here

There is also a daytime event at Manchester Central Library to launch and exhibition and wider project marking the anniversary and going deeper. LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THAT IMMENSELY!

ELLA THE GREAT - as RICHARD MELANIN THE THIRD  at BRAINCHILD near Lewes on SATURDAY JULY 14th as well. (Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum Harveys Lane, BN8 5AF Lewes, East Sussex)

Enjoy a festival with a difference - see here   Richard Melanin the Third is a great character .... More about that in a future post as well. 

Sisters of Reggae

Sadly the Queen's Head is no more - it has been sold so we no longer have our monthly residency. We are going to talk to the new owners who are planning a Vegan eaterie .... who knows. Meantime the Prince of Peckham Second Sundays of the month afternoons still go strong and we have a full on weekend in Margate coming up at the beginning of August - watch this space and our facebook page as well!  

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Greetings for the MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE and into late June

Radio on June 21st -  music music music - playlist soon - What better way to celebrate the MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE than with the finest music - The Outerglobe on Resonance FM 104.4fm and Digital Radio London wide and and to listen to the show on mixcloud go here 


SATURDAY JUNE 23rd - make your way to the DOGSTAR , COLDHARBOUR LANE, BRIXTON, SW9 8LQ between 11pm-3am for SISTERS OF REGGAE in LATE NIGHT SESSION - IT'S FREE TO GET IN HOWEVER YOU MUST BRING PHOTO ID WITH YOU! Venue Rules - you know the score ... ENJOY 100% Vinyl Reggae Rocksteady Roots Revival Lovers ... more 100% NICENESS

I am djaying at this one - looking forward! 


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire and the Silent March takes place. These images convey a great deal. Credits clockwise from the green hearts. Chetna Kapacee, Commons, Karimah Bint Dawoud, Ras Asheber, Bunny Bread, Commons, Justice 4 Grenfell

Today my Radio Show is Grenfell                                                                     focussed. Blessings and strength                                                                        Scroll down full page

The Iftar IS taking place,

The Outerglobe goes out every Thursday on ResonanceFm - 104.4fm and DAB Londonwide and worldwide. Today the 14th of the month - June 14th 2018 - is a Thursday and this time it is the year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire - massacre which killed at least 72 (official figure) people at the time and since. So I am doing another of the Grenfell focussed programmes. See my Radio Page for full details. Thank you to all those who are involved. Lottie Love will be doing social media. 

Please join one of the Silent Marches/Walks or other vigils, gatherings and more that are happening up and down the country today. The London details are here and the wider details are here on Justice 4 Grenfell pages. There is also a National Justice for Grenfell march on Saturday June 16th - and you can find full details on the Justice 4 Grenfell link by checking the side panel of the link above. 

Sisters of Reggae go from strength to strength heading up for this month's 4th and 5th events where we play : June 23rd at Dogstar Brixton and June 30th at our monthly residency at the Queens Head, Brixton. More details in the next UP!!D8 

Your feedback is welcome - info @  - and do sign up to follow this blog. Unsubscribe is possible at any time of course. Spread the word. UP!!


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Ella Golt and Debbie Golt are both exhibiting at Uthink therefore Uart at the Riverside Building , Manbre Road by the river front in Hammersmith. Uthink support pop up building space opportunities for creatives and are a wonderful new partner of HF Arts Fest which takes place throughout Hammersmith and Fulham every year = this time 2nd-10th June. See HF Arts Fest   

There is so much going on! Outerglobe's Ella the Great is also taking part with the Big Red Bus at various locations and as part of the HF Unity Day on June 10th. And so are Taxi Pata Pata also on the Unity Day. Ella is also part of the Joy initiative which has a wide ranging programme of Disabilty Arts presentations. Just check out the Arts Fest Website HF Arts Fest

The Outerglobe on Resonance FM has a dynamic schedule in June : June 7th it's all about Mboka with Kadija George (Sesay) and Anni Domingo joining Debbie to review Mboka 2918 and preview Mboka 2019 and related music; June 14th marks the year anniversary of the Grenfell Fire with a range of pertinent interviews and a phone in from the Silent March; June 21st is music music music and June 28th has a look at the forthcoming Great Trading Empires of Africa and tbc a preview of Kasai Masai's new album ,,,,, UP!!D8 on radio page coming up …  Resonance 104.4FM and DAB Londonwide and

Sisters of Reggae go from strength to strength having presented their first - brilliant - all dayer at Five Miles Tottenham and with a full on programme into June - June 9th Preston Carnival, June 10th  - Afternoon Prince of Peckham residency, Evening Rootikal's Rototom launch at Brixton Jamm , June 23rd Dogstar, June 30th Queens Head residency. … Radio mixes are being prepared as well - more news in the next UP!D8     Outerglobe's Debbie Golt is playing at the Dogstar night alongside Naoko the Rock and guest Rasta Queen who recently won the Lovers Rock Vinyl Clash Cup! 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Almost June already! Events and Radio UP!!D8s galore

One day I will keep this website completely up to date - every week it is noted in my listings as the go to place for full details! If you are looking here after hearing about the site from my show The Outerglobe - welcome!!

The Outerglobe goes out on Thursdays at 6.30pm UK time and is repeated on Tuesdays at 6am on and 104.4FM / DAB London. It is archived in with selected items in 

The most recent show featured my interview with the brilliant Congolese visual artist Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga currently exhibiting at October Gallery Old Gloucester Street, London, with 'Fragile Responsibility' . The exhibition is finely political - an homage to the souls of enslaved people and an indictment of 17th & 18th century traders and contemporary politicians alike through the central motif of the Toby Jug and porcelain and Eddy's classic circuit board marked exquisitely rendered figures.

I promised the playlist - so please go to the tab titled Radio - The Outerglobe, productions 

Sisters of Reggae are going from strength to strength. We have two regular residencies - Last Saturday of the month at Queens Head, Brixton (9pm-1am - Free) and Second Sunday of the month at the Prince of Peckham (3-6pm Free) and members have recently played in Italy. On Bank Holiday Monday May 28th some crew members are playing at Jam on Rye supporting the likes of Horace Andy and David Rodigan. More details on the Sisters of Reggae Facebook Page. 

The big upcoming date is the Sisters of Reggae All Dayer at Five Miles, London - 39b Markfield Road, London N15 4QA which starts at 1.30pm and goes all the way through til 1am  and is Free entry. Earlier it's outside (weather permitting) and is family friendly with the club aspect starting at 9pm. All the crew are playing - Lucky Cat, Naoko the Rock, Sweetie, Debbie Golt and Miss Feelgood plus MC MadX and later a PA from Teshay Makeda. There's vegan and veggie food as well and the customary wonderful 100% Reggae Vinyl 100% Niceness guaranteed! 

June dates also include

June 10th - Prince of Peckham 3pm; June 23rd - Dogstar, Brixton 11pm-3am; June 30th - Queens Head Brixton 9pm-1am All Free 

The Outerglobe UP!!Coming:

May 31st  WOMAD p/review with Ella Golt and Frank Chamberlain guesting

June 7th   MBOKA review and preview of January 2019 with Kadija Sesay, Anni Domingo and Olusola Oyeleye guesting

June 14th  Grenfell one year on … with contributions from Justice 4 Grenfell and others in the community and poems and related music. 

Hammersmith and Fulham Arts Fest is coming UP from June 2nd-10th including the Big Red Bus and the Unity Day where Nsimba Foggis and Taxi Pata Pata as well as Ella the Great are taking part. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

The Outerglobe UP!D8 March into early April 2018

UP!D8 March into April 2018 

Radio runnings / DJ delights / more 


March 29th 2018 on Resonance 104.4fm & DAB London wide and 18.30 UK time 

This week's show promises to be all music with a welcome catch up of terrific tunes and releases I have been send and previews of other new music too alongside some favourites too. 

If you have new African /inspired music you'd like me to listen to and consider playing on air please do send to me info (@) or via Outerglobe on Facebook. I love actual product too - CDs and vibrant vinyl so we can discuss that as well when I know who you are re postal address - thank you!


Sisters of Reggae are going from strength to strength from a recent feature in IRIE Mag to Festivals and Feasts -well the feast is to come when we have made our 2nd birthday celebrations sorted soon!


The monthly Sisters of Reggae dances at the Queens Head are fast becoming a must for a growing crowd of regulars and a welcome discovery for newcomers with a welcome for all . People look out to greet those they have met there before which is fantastic! It's vintage and classy vinyl - reggae, rocksteady, ska, revival, roots, dub, rockers into early digi and some new stuff if it matches up! 

Coming UP - April 8th at Prince of Peckham, April 24th Bologna and Brixton ... 

Watch this space for news of The Squares and Caroline Trettine as well as Erma Chimu, Ella the Great and Taxi Pata Pata ... UP!!


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Going forward - UPD8s - that radio info I promised for one thing!

Greetings - on a very sunny and crisp London Saturday in February as I tread water and catch UP!!

Firstly Radio runnings - I promised info for the amazing tracks I played at Kinsi Abdulleh of Numbi Arts request to illustrate their crucial event on February 25th at RichMix in Bethnal Green London. The simplest thing is to give you direct links:

1) Aweys Khamis Abaay Caashow  FANKA IYO SUUGANTA BANADIRIGA

2)     Fadumo maandeeq  Fadumo Adillahi

I was speaking to Kinsi Abdulleh about Numbi Arts and there Being Here Sense of Place heritage research programme delving into the long history of Somali's in the East End of London - especially in the dock areas - which goes back to the 18th Century and includes several books written by Somalis about their lives in the 19th Century. Several local people are being trained in research and oral history gathering skills. A celebration of Part 1 takes place at Rich Mix Bethnal Green on Sunday February 25th in the afternoon with poetry, music, sharings and an exhibition as well as food. See Numbi Arts for more! 

Listen to The Outerglobe of Thursday February 15th on Mixcloud here

And you can catch up with all editions of The Outerglobe here   Selected shows and archives of other matters including mixes are at as well

Other matters

Sisters of Reggae continue apace with lots of dates coming up and under our belts .... Coming UP! is the regular residency at Queens Head, Brixton on the last Saturday of the month - so Saturday February 24th 9pm-1am Free   See the facebook page for more UPcoming events.

AND here is our promo video which was also nicely presented on Brixton Buzz's front page recently :  Sisters of Reggae promo

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Making up for some lost time I will be updating in full very soon. Meantime here is the fabulous lowdown for today's edition of|The Outerglobe on worldwide and 104.4FM/DAB Londonwide between 6,30-7,30pm UK time I must apologise for the appearance of this page - due to severe computer problems - I just wanted to get the info out for you in time.

Debbie Golt takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point. Video Jam combine original film and live music and were commissioned to respond to The Barbican’s ‘Basquiat Boom for Real’ for their event 'Video Jam x Basquiat'. Curator Shereena Perrera joins Debbie to discuss their process alongside filmmaker Topher Campbell and soundscapist Dan Leavers aka Danalogue.. For more info see  [Repeat Tuesday 6am]

Shereen Perera co-founder Video Jam in Manchester and co-curator of ideo Jam x Basquiat which is the final vent as part of Basquiat Boom for Real the tremendous and surprisingly first full exhinition of Jean Michel Basquiat's art works in UK. Video Jam respond to creative arts stimulus combining film, live music and visuals. On this occasion they have commissioned filmmakers from New York and London and linked them with risk taking musicians        

Topher Campbell whose film Fetish explores black male identity, As a Black man in the streets, Fetish is both positioned by othering and places himself in a world of looking, power, strength, harassment, fashion, sexual objectification, invisibility, visibility, admiration, CCTV, selfies, vulnerability, humour, performance, protest, danger, violence and humour. Topher Campbell's company rukus Federation seeks the best Black Gay Lesbian, Bisexual,  and Transexual artists and is building a related BGLBT archive

Dan Leavers aka Danalogue  a synth player and saxophonist working out of Total Refreshment Centre, London  worked closely with his paired filmmaker ruffmercy creating to create 'a new sonic space that resonates with the bombastic intensity and colour that I perceive within the fabric of Basquiat’s incredible works'

see for full details ....